It’s a goodbye. 

Hey y’all. 

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I know, I know. Well there’s a reason for that.

I started another blog, over on blogger. This one is more publicized; with my face on it and everything. It’s not a personal blog like this one; I don’t write about myself and such. I write about a certain topic, well 2 things.I don’t wanna say too much about it so you don’t figure me out, lol.

Anyway, thank you to those who stuck with during the run of this blog, I appreciate. This blog wasn’t a waste totally, it gave me the practice and inspiration I need to start a proper blog.

I won’t delete this one, I come back to it once a year or so, so remember where I started.





I’m starting to get discouraged. I know I’ve only written a few posts but it’s a bit of a downer when I open my blog and I don’t see comments. I’m just starting out so please you guys should cheer me on and drop 1 or 2 comments when you visit my blog. 

Hope you’re having a good month so far.

Shout out to Utchayy, you’re the real MVP 😘 



Sleep sleep, where forth at thou? Sleeping is my number one hobby but these days sleep comes at the wrong time of the day. I sleep all day and stay awake all doing doing what I don’t know. 

Maybe that’s one of the hazards of being a freelancer. I get to choose my own hours to work and because most of the clients I work for are overseas so the time difference is significantly an issue; even though it shouldn’t be. 

The annoying part is that at night I’ll lie in bed fighting the sleep even though I really want to sleep, it’s not even as if I’m fighting the sleep because I want to stay up and do something important, nooooo, far from it, I’m either using my phone or reading a novel. Doesn’t make sense I tell you. I also don’t even have any thoughts keeping me up at night, so I don’t even know what ze problem is. 

Anyhoo, I’m open to hear some natural remedies and tips that’ll help me sleep better at night. I’ve taken sleeping pills a few times (and it works wonders!) but I don’t like taking it cos I don’t wanna get addicted to it. Addiction is a bitch.


Dropping by

Forgive me, I know I’ve been away for too long. I’ve been so busy. I have tons of work to do, I’m still not done sef and I have a deadline; which is why I’m just dropping by. I’ll be back to write a real post soon.

Hope the new month’s going well so far? 


Flood and Hunger

I don’t understand this Lagos mehn. With all the money they have,  the can’t afford a good drainage system? This is ridiculous really. 

So this 2 days non stop rain over the weekend showed me pepper! I almost starved to death! 

I planned on going to the market on Saturday evening, but the rain started in the afternoon, so I decided I’ll go on Sunday after church. Unfortunately the rain continued non stop until monday morning, by then I had run out of food. I had some foodstuff but there was nothing to make a complete meal.  Like, I had spaghetti but nothing to make the sauce, there was wheat but no soup, that kind of thing. So when the rain stopped I decided to go to the market, everywhere was still flooded but what choice did I have. Got to the car and it refused to start, I knew I should have got a new battery the last time it happened. I called Boo crying, lmao, as usual. So he called a few cab guys but they all said water entered their engine etc. Gosh I was losing my mind at this point. I had no cash in the house sef to order takeaway and Dominoes does not use POS for their delivery. *Sigh*, that’s a story for another day. One of the cab guys said he’ll come get me after fixing his car, so I had to go in and wait. Boo doesn’t like me using bike, besides it wouldn’t have been safe with water everywhere.

5 hours later, the cab guy came, I was so hungry by this time eh, so we went to the supermarket and then market. I shopped like there was no tomorrow lmao, the boot of the car was full, ha, I couldn’t take chances again o, staying in the house with no food. Then we drove around for almost 1 hour looking for a good quality battery for my car, by this time traffic had started, it was around 6.30pm and I still hadn’t eaten that day. 

We finally got home, put in my new battery and my car came to life, score!  Then I made the most delicious afang soup of all time! I made that soup with anger I tell you, Lmao.

So yeah, that was my flood-filled hungry weekend. Hope you guys had a better weekend than I did. 

Boo is coming back tomorrow and I can’t wait! Next time he’s traveling I’ll enter his suitcase. 


Too much sleep 

I’m so sad people, I feel like crying I tell you. 

I missed out on a very good opportunity just because I was too sleepy. Never do anything official as soon as you wake up, believe me. Clear eye first, lol. 

So I was invited to submit a proposal for an editing contract I’ve had my eye on. It was the notification that woke me up that morning and I picked my phone immediately, opened the email, read the instructions and started working on it straight away. 

Basically, part of the instructions for the proposal was to do a simple calculation for something. The result should have been about 400, but I wrote 2600! Please ask me where I got that figure from, lmao. I sent the proposal and went back to sleep. Woke up finally later on, had a shower and such, and then decided to look at the email again, and I realized my mistake immediately. Gosh it was not funny, I wanted to cry, abi I cried sef, lol.

It would have been such a great opportunity for me as well, I would have been making over 150k a month for just 4hrs a day work, working from home!!!. Follow me cry abeg. 😭😭 
They didn’t even bother to reply me, and I don’t blame them. I hope a better one comes along cos I’m not feeling the contract I’m on at the moment. 

As I said earlier, “clear eye” first before you do anything official. 

Has something like this happened to any of you before? 


Bride Price 

I don’t know why women allow this tradition to still go on, worse still, why do they happily demand for it?
If I had my way le boo would not have paid any stupid bride price. I tried talking my mum and brothers out of it but they didn’t want to hear such. They said it seems I’m not ready to marry, lol. So I decided to pick my battles. 

The very idea of it is very demeaning to women and it’s a shame that they don’t even see it. Bride price is an archaic tradition that places a tag on a women, and allow men to bargain her price as if she’s a property to be purchased. Whether it’s one million naira or one hundred naira, a price is a price, and it objectifies a woman, making her seem like some sort of commodity. This in itself, is enough degradation, I tell you

And you wonder why some men always threaten to “send” their wives back to her father’s house, because in his mind, he paid for you! 

Women are not a commodity to be traded and it’s time for us to stand up to it.

Some people will come and say it’s our culture and we need to retain our traditions and cultures. My dear,  not every tradition is meant to be retained. We might as well bring back the killing of twins and left handed babies. 

We have used religion and tradition to condition women into thinking they are inferior to men and are not supposed to ruffle men’s feathers. It’s pathetic and that’s why I’m telling all my friends not to make the same mistake our parents made 

Marriage should be a union, a partnership, but that can’t happen when one person has to “buy” the other. 

This is the comment I saw on facebook that prompted this post:-

It amazes me in that 2016 Nigerians still debate about bride price, (the price a woman should be symbolically sold and bought for). It’s even sadder than women believe they have no value until they are ‘paid for’. As long as women remain a commodity to be bargained over in the name of tradition, men will always (in the back of their minds) see women and properties”.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this


Home Alone

So I’m home alone, all by my lonesome 😢. Le boo’s travelled. He’s been gone a few days, will probably be back in like a week or so. Everytime he’s out of town,  I realise how dependent I am on him, lol. 

I don’t even know how to put on the gen (thank God for inverter), don’t know how to pump water (thank God for neighbours) lol, and the other day, my car refused to start. After I’ve dressed up, done make up and everything, went down and got into the car, and it refused to start, urgh! the frustration, and I had someone waiting for me. Guess what I did? Yup, called le boo. And he had to call one of ours neighbours to do that battery switcharoo thing.  

I need to learn how to do these things myself mehn. It’s not like I’ve never lived alone o. (but the majority of that was in London so I didn’t have to worry about gen and pumping water). I lived alone for like 7/8 years before I met le boo, and we’ve been living together for almost two years now. 

Hope you guys are having a good day. Please guys leave a comment or 2 when you drop by. Yes I’m begging 😂. I want to be getting alerts for comments on my blog! Makes me feel appreciated, lol. 



Or is it ‘Trilingual’ lool. Well, I already speak English and Igbo, I’m learning a 3rd language; French. I’m teaching my self, and it seems to be going well. According to the App, I’m 10% fluent in French, hehe. I did learn French a bit in high school in London, so I was a bit familiar with the basics which makes it easier for me. I hope I see this through and graduate to 100%. With the way this country is going, I might decide to run away to Canada and being fluent in French with come in handy then.

The App is called Duolingo, in case y’all are interested. You can learn other languages on there, not just French. 

Hope your day is going well. 



This country is really getting on my nerves. What’s truly going on. Dem send Buhari I swear. It’s like he doesn’t even care about the damage he’s doing. People and suffering everyday but he’s not bothered. What exactly is his plan? What is the end result?? Are we sure that man is not senile? Make una check well o! It’s really frustrating, I tell you. Shouldn’t we have a president that at least has a first degree in Economics? Arrggghh. I’m really, truly scared for this country. I hope we come out of this not too badly damaged. Only God can save us. 

Hope you’re good my lovelies. 

Kisses *