I don’t understand this Lagos mehn. With all the money they have,  the can’t afford a good drainage system? This is ridiculous really. 

So this 2 days non stop rain over the weekend showed me pepper! I almost starved to death! 

I planned on going to the market on Saturday evening, but the rain started in the afternoon, so I decided I’ll go on Sunday after church. Unfortunately the rain continued non stop until monday morning, by then I had run out of food. I had some foodstuff but there was nothing to make a complete meal.  Like, I had spaghetti but nothing to make the sauce, there was wheat but no soup, that kind of thing. So when the rain stopped I decided to go to the market, everywhere was still flooded but what choice did I have. Got to the car and it refused to start, I knew I should have got a new battery the last time it happened. I called Boo crying, lmao, as usual. So he called a few cab guys but they all said water entered their engine etc. Gosh I was losing my mind at this point. I had no cash in the house sef to order takeaway and Dominoes does not use POS for their delivery. *Sigh*, that’s a story for another day. One of the cab guys said he’ll come get me after fixing his car, so I had to go in and wait. Boo doesn’t like me using bike, besides it wouldn’t have been safe with water everywhere.

5 hours later, the cab guy came, I was so hungry by this time eh, so we went to the supermarket and then market. I shopped like there was no tomorrow lmao, the boot of the car was full, ha, I couldn’t take chances again o, staying in the house with no food. Then we drove around for almost 1 hour looking for a good quality battery for my car, by this time traffic had started, it was around 6.30pm and I still hadn’t eaten that day. 

We finally got home, put in my new battery and my car came to life, score!  Then I made the most delicious afang soup of all time! I made that soup with anger I tell you, Lmao.

So yeah, that was my flood-filled hungry weekend. Hope you guys had a better weekend than I did. 

Boo is coming back tomorrow and I can’t wait! Next time he’s traveling I’ll enter his suitcase.