Sleep sleep, where forth at thou? Sleeping is my number one hobby but these days sleep comes at the wrong time of the day. I sleep all day and stay awake all doing doing what I don’t know. 

Maybe that’s one of the hazards of being a freelancer. I get to choose my own hours to work and because most of the clients I work for are overseas so the time difference is significantly an issue; even though it shouldn’t be. 

The annoying part is that at night I’ll lie in bed fighting the sleep even though I really want to sleep, it’s not even as if I’m fighting the sleep because I want to stay up and do something important, nooooo, far from it, I’m either using my phone or reading a novel. Doesn’t make sense I tell you. I also don’t even have any thoughts keeping me up at night, so I don’t even know what ze problem is. 

Anyhoo, I’m open to hear some natural remedies and tips that’ll help me sleep better at night. I’ve taken sleeping pills a few times (and it works wonders!) but I don’t like taking it cos I don’t wanna get addicted to it. Addiction is a bitch.