I’m so sad people, I feel like crying I tell you. 

I missed out on a very good opportunity just because I was too sleepy. Never do anything official as soon as you wake up, believe me. Clear eye first, lol. 

So I was invited to submit a proposal for an editing contract I’ve had my eye on. It was the notification that woke me up that morning and I picked my phone immediately, opened the email, read the instructions and started working on it straight away. 

Basically, part of the instructions for the proposal was to do a simple calculation for something. The result should have been about 400, but I wrote 2600! Please ask me where I got that figure from, lmao. I sent the proposal and went back to sleep. Woke up finally later on, had a shower and such, and then decided to look at the email again, and I realized my mistake immediately. Gosh it was not funny, I wanted to cry, abi I cried sef, lol.

It would have been such a great opportunity for me as well, I would have been making over 150k a month for just 4hrs a day work, working from home!!!. Follow me cry abeg. 😭😭 
They didn’t even bother to reply me, and I don’t blame them. I hope a better one comes along cos I’m not feeling the contract I’m on at the moment. 

As I said earlier, “clear eye” first before you do anything official. 

Has something like this happened to any of you before?