I don’t know why women allow this tradition to still go on, worse still, why do they happily demand for it?
If I had my way le boo would not have paid any stupid bride price. I tried talking my mum and brothers out of it but they didn’t want to hear such. They said it seems I’m not ready to marry, lol. So I decided to pick my battles. 

The very idea of it is very demeaning to women and it’s a shame that they don’t even see it. Bride price is an archaic tradition that places a tag on a women, and allow men to bargain her price as if she’s a property to be purchased. Whether it’s one million naira or one hundred naira, a price is a price, and it objectifies a woman, making her seem like some sort of commodity. This in itself, is enough degradation, I tell you

And you wonder why some men always threaten to “send” their wives back to her father’s house, because in his mind, he paid for you! 

Women are not a commodity to be traded and it’s time for us to stand up to it.

Some people will come and say it’s our culture and we need to retain our traditions and cultures. My dear,  not every tradition is meant to be retained. We might as well bring back the killing of twins and left handed babies. 

We have used religion and tradition to condition women into thinking they are inferior to men and are not supposed to ruffle men’s feathers. It’s pathetic and that’s why I’m telling all my friends not to make the same mistake our parents made 

Marriage should be a union, a partnership, but that can’t happen when one person has to “buy” the other. 

This is the comment I saw on facebook that prompted this post:-

It amazes me in that 2016 Nigerians still debate about bride price, (the price a woman should be symbolically sold and bought for). It’s even sadder than women believe they have no value until they are ‘paid for’. As long as women remain a commodity to be bargained over in the name of tradition, men will always (in the back of their minds) see women and properties”.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this