Hey guys, thanks for sticking with me so far. I’ll try and post as often as I can. 

So,  my name is Wordstosay lol. I decided to stay anonymous. I’m shyyy. Hehe

I’m tall, or I think I am. About 5’9. That’s tall for a girl right? 

I moved back to Nigeria about 4 years ago, lived in the UK for 10years or so. I live in Lagos now, on the island, although I lived in Abuja for a bit. I’m revealing too much about myself abi? Lol

Lemme stop here biko. I’ll probably reveal more as I blog lol. Make no one catch me oo, all ye decoders lol. 

Do people still have personal blogs these days? I haven’t seen new or active ones recently. Comment and tell me the ones you know of.